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What's "Cinque"? What does it mean?

The term "Cinque" means five in Latin, which is pentagon shape. "Five" is a cardinal number in Italian and Latin. In Asia, five represents the five essential life elements - metal, wood, water, fire and earth. 


What's so special about "Cinque"?

Most commercial jewelries are built upon even numbers such as 2, 4, 6 or 8; it's unconventional to create a 5-sided art without an odd or offensive appeal. Also it's technically challenging to create 5-sided objects without losing its aesthetic balance. 


Thanks to modern technology, Emanuel C is able to overcome these technical challenges and creates timeless, fashionable, elegant and classy "Cinque" jewelry.  


Each piece of our jewelry is hand crafted by our master jewelers overseas to the utmost quality and to your personal satisfaction!

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